Sweeping Equipment

At C&H Sweeping we have a fleet of seven road sweepers suitable for commercial and industrial use. We can sweep light debris from trees, streets, road works, commercial sites and parking lots.

Versatile for Small and Large Areas

Our sweeping equipment provides superior cleaning performance in small and large areas and are ideal for car park sweeping. Since these machines can manoeuvre around tight areas, these work well for factory sweeping and sweeping industrial floors.

Fully Serviced Equipment

We always take care of our sweepers and regularly maintain them in our Maddington workshop by our full time fitters to ensure they continue to deliver an outstanding sweeping service on every job.

Sweeping machine

Efficient Delivery To and From Site

Each sweeper is transported on its own truck to and from site. These vehicles have some capacity for removing swept waste off site, if required.

We also have a low-loader service using an Iveco prime-mover and tri-axle float trailer that has been specifically designed with ramps and low ground clearances to move both our equipment and clients machines safely and speedily to and from sites throughout Perth and suburbs.

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